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How to adopt and work in Japanese company

2 days training by HR specialist is coming soon!

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"Shukatsu 就活" has started for new graduates!

Most of Japanese companies start hiring process from this time, and holds "Setsumei-kai" to attract students for the entry.
Started with Setsumei-kai and entry stage, there will be a long processes until the students get "Naitei".
I see students wearing recruit suits everywhere these days.
I remember the crucial time of my life, spending time to prepare uncountable number of my profile and company entry sheets...
To help the students, especially foreigners, for getting a job in Japan,
Professor Katsuhiko, HR specialist, and I will hold a 2 days training sessions to support foreign students who want to apply for companies in Japan.
Prof. Katsuhiko has worked in Mitsubishi Corporation (三菱商事)for 35 yrs. He will tell you the most important things for "Shukatsu".
In his book, called " 面接力をつける本”, he explaines all important know-how & technique of Shukatsu & Interview.
Training schedule will be announced soon!!! ^^

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