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    We provide professional support for people from overseas, to make life & business easier in Japan.

  • About Career/Business Assist

    We provide assistance and training for people from overseas in Japan.

    We tell you what you must know in Japan!

  • Our Services

    We will assist you with our original services.

    Your Assistant

    Support your company start up issues, promotion, market research, documentation, attending to agency, translations, etc.

    We send a bilingual assistant to support your work.
    Especially for people who need a Japanese staff in your company.
    we can cover: attending to government office/bank, translating documents, interpretations, market research etc.


    Training & Seminar

    How to do business in Japan & work with Japanese people.


    We will hold a session to introduce Japanese culture, Japanese working style, how to communicate with Japanese, how to motivate etc. We hold a seminar for students for Job hunting in Japan (就活セミナー)

    Private lecture/consultation is also provided based on request.

    Online Career Support

    Online Career Support

    Online support for job hunting in Japan. Professional Coaching to support your career design and job hunting in Japan.

    We have all you need for job hunting in Japan. Please visit Career Coach Japan website and book for coaching!

    Click here for Career Coach Japan.

  • 【ご予約受付中】10/4(水)、10/11(水)、10/25(水)+ 個別指導

    三菱商事の人事部長として葯3000人の学生の面接に立ち会い、その、国内外の大学の教授としてキャリア教育に携わってきた就活のプロによる講義があります! 内容盛りだくさんの3日間+個別指導!スポット参加も可能です。



  • This is what we do!
    Support Exchange Students & Non-Japanese Workers & Entrepreneurs.

    Our Mission is to support all Foreigners who want to work / to create business in Japan.
    We are very proud to support all people from abroad who bring innovation and global mind to Japan!

    Hold a Job Hunting Seminar 就活セミナー


    It is not easy to find a job that matches with your skill and dream. We tell you what you need to know and learn before you apply for a company.

    We introduce Beauty in Sri Lanka.

    Beauty in Sri Lanka

    We support & introduce all the beautiful places in Sri Lanka. We set up Lakseriya Japan Desk for Japanese travellers to Sri Lanka.


    We introduce Beauty of Bhutan

    Beauty of Bhutan

    We support & introduce beautiful handmade woven products from Bhutan Famous Weaver, Karma-san.



    Online Career Support

    Online seervice

    Please visit Career Coach Japan website if you are seeking jobs in Japan! CCJ provide support you with necessary education and information.


  • Profiles

    FruRiver members will give the best support for your fruitful life in Japan

    Yuri Orui Sato
    Your Assistant, Consultant, Trainer

    FruRiver Assist Corp. CEO

    ◆Bilingual Business Assist Expert with professional experience in US/UK/German companies in Japan and Philippine Embassy, assigned as an internal operation management consultant, Executive Assistant and Secretary to Ambassador.

    Certified: Teaching License in mid/high-school (Second language), Certified Professional Assistant (Top-level), UTC certified Trainer, MBA

    外資系商社、外資系メーカーにて社内業務改善コンサルタント&トレーナー、エクゼクティブアシスタント(外国人社長秘書、日本人社長秘書)を務める。外国人大使秘書経験も活かし、外国人サポート事業を立ち上げる。早稲田大学大学院ビジネススクールにてMBAを取得。UCLA EMBAプログラム単位取得。専門は、ベンチャー企業の経営、人材組織。フルリバ・アシスト株式会社 代表。TOEIC965、秘書検定1級、教育職員免許、MBA を保有。

    企業内通訳翻訳、学術文献翻訳、外国人留学生起業・就職支援、海外雑貨・サービスの紹介及び国内販売支援 など。

    著書: 「ガゼル企業 成長の法則-ビジョナリー採用と育成-」中央経済社出版

    授賞歴:公益財団法人 丸和育志会 「優秀プロジェクト賞」授賞

  • Members of Professional Trainer, Consultant & Coach


    Prof. Katsuhiko Sato
    Trainer and Consultant

    Visiting Professor & Hon.International Advisor Hochschule Bremen
    Board Member, Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft

    35 years working for Mitsubishi Corporation (14 yrs for oversea offices)

    - Director Designate, General Manager of Genaral Administration, Mitsubishi CorpHead Office Tokyo

    - Deputy General Manager, Kansai Br. Mitsubishi Corp.

    - Company Secretary & General Manager Mitsubishi Corp.

    (UK) Limited London

    - Vice President,Deutsche Mitsubishi GmbH Germany

    Manager Labour Relation, Mitsubishi Corp. Tokyo

    ◆Lecturing in Univ.

    - Visiting Professor, Ritsumeikan Univ.
    - Research Professor, School of Global Studies, Tama Univ.
    - Professor, College of Cross-Cultural Communication

    and Business, Shukutoku Univ.

    MBA (IMD in Swizerland)

    Toshihiko Sugita
    Consultant, Coach, Trainer

    Global Leadership Trainer, Global Management Consultant, Business Coach



    34 Years for IBM(Japan,Germany and Asia Pacific HQ)
    -Japan:Sales Representative for Large Systems Customers
    - Instructor for Entry Level Training(Sales Rep. and Sys. Engineer )
    -Germany:Sales and Business Development for Japan Based Companies in Germany , Pan European Project Management
    - IBM AP HQ:Sales and Business Development for the All IBMs in AP(14 Countries) ,Global Project Management

    ◆Coaching and Training

    Global Human Resource Development
    (Global Leadership Training, Coaching for the Global Business Executions and Management, Sales Training for the Solution based Sales Executions etc.)

    Certified Practitioner of USA Training Management Corporation

  • Users' Voice


    Voice from DE (Taiwan)
    Japan is an appealing market; however, as a foreigner with insufficient proficiency in Japanese language, and understandings of Japanese culture, I was confronted with numerous difficulties. Consultants from BBP Assist offered me the necessary information on how to penetrate into Japanese market, training on doing business with Japanese partners, and even networks with the locals. Also, Professional Biz-assist responses fast to customers needs, and performed among my expectations.


    Voice from D.W. (SriLanka)

    BBP Assist has been helping me to establish and develop my business in Japan. BBP Assist helped me from market research in Japan and provided lots of information about Japan. Everything was new to me, but I am now confident to cultivate my business in Japan.

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